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Advantages of Offshoring
Saving money is a big advantage of offshoring but its not the only benefit. The following are some of the other positive results achieved for offshore outsourcing:
  • Save money with lower staff costs
    This is the big benefit and major attraction to offshoring. An example of the saving achieved is that typical graphic designer in USA may cost on average $6,250 per month where we can supply senior experienced graphic designers for under $2000 per month, giving you a saving of over $4000 per month to start with. We can supply junior graphic designers at just $995 per month so the savings can be considerable.

  • No additional employment cost.
    There can be many extra costs involved in traditional onshore staffing but with outsourced offshore staff there is no extra costs. For example in Australia an employer is required to pay 9% extra for superannuation but this extra cost is not required when you lease staff through us. In other countries there are different extra employment costs and taxes that can be reduced or eliminated by using our offshore staff leasing service. And its not just the direct costs but it is also the administrative time and effort that is required to work out all these extra charges, but with our offshoring service it is just one simple and easy regular monthly payment and even that can be automated to save you administration time.

  • Save on office space and equipment
    You can increase your staff without increasing your office space when you lease staff through us. We provide your new leased employee with a complete workstation consisting of a desk, chair, phone, computer and standard business software. That is just the direct costs you can save but there is also many indirect proportional costs that you could save with things such as employee lunch rooms and games facilities or maybe its just a saving in electricity or even coffee expenses. Each employer will have different costs but there will always be some savings in overhead expenses by having staff offsite.

  • Save on employee supervision and management
    While you will need to manage your offshore staff so they know what to do, we provide onsite supervision and motivation through our professional managers who ensure that your staff arrives on time, works diligently and has all the tools they need to perform their duties.

  • Increased staff morale and productivity
    You can increase the morale and productivity of your existing onsite staff by letting our offshore staff do all those boring and tedious tasks that your staff do not like doing. For example:
    • If your sales staff do not like cold calls (and who does?) then hire our call center operator to do it for them.
    • If your web site manager cant find the time to get the back links that he knows is important, then hire a link builder for just $995 per month and know that it is being done efficiently and consistently to achieve great SEO results and the web manager can spend time on the more important website management tasks.
    • If your programmers do not like doing testing then outsource it so they can get back to the development work they much prefer to be doing.
    • If your senior staff know that maintaining their social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Plaxo, etc) is essential but do not have the time to keep them all up to date with regular postings then hire one of our offshore staff to do it for them.
    I am sure if you thought about it you could find many tasks that you or your existing staff are doing that could be done offshore.

    In many cases there are things that you know should be done but are simply being put aside because they are too difficult or boring or not as urgent or high priority as other things so they get left undone. So by transferring these tasks to your offshore employees you free up time for your existing staff to put towards the more interesting tasks that they love doing. This reduces their stress levels, increase their productivity and creates a happier work environment for everyone.

  • Increased skills
    All our offshore staff are university educated and some posses a range of skills that may be difficult to find locally. For example many are multilingual.

  • Increased business growth
    This is what its really all about....increasing your business growth. By using our low cost offshore staff to develop new business opportunities. For example you may be a website developer looking to expand your services by offering your clients link building and PPC campaign management. These new services can be easily set up using our offshore staff and you will now have more services to offer your clients and more profits as a result.

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