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How Offshoring Works
Let us show you how easy Offshoring can be.
STEP 1: Letís Chat About Your Needs.

Chat with us about your needs. How many people do you want? Do you need Web Designers? SEO Specialists? What tasks would you require them to do? You can request a quotation from us and weíll tell you everything about the solutions we offer. Our world-class employees can be in your service for a minimum of 6 months. This is negotiable though if you hire from our Inventory. Whatís more, hire 10 or more heads and weíll give you an expert Project Manager for FREE.

STEP 2: Understand Offshoring then Hop Aboard!

Working with us is a piece of cake. Our friendly representatives will explain to you how we get our job done, or you can read our Client Agreement for the nitty gritty. Itís so easy though that reading this page is just as good!

Once you understand how we intend to help you, SIGN the Agreement to proceed to the next step. Once youíve sent us the signed Agreement, we will IMMEDIATELY work on finding the best staff for you.

Donít fret because you wonít be charged a single penny until you explicitly give the go signal for your staff to sit in their cubicle and start working wonders for your business.

STEP 3: We Recruit the Best Professionals For You

Sit back, relax, and weíll find the most excellent individuals for you. Our people carry at least a 4-year higher education degree and many of them have years of experience at what they do. Weíll send you profiles of all candidates so you can take your pick. All candidates will be rigorously screened and tested to make sure they are nothing less than perfect. You may also interview them yourself using our communication software. And hereís something SWEET: You can avail of a 3 - 5 Day Trial absolutely FREE!

STEP 4: We Groom Your Staff to Conquer

The market is a battlefield and we will arm your staff with all the weapons they need to decisively conquer. Your guy will get the most effective software, hardware, expert guidance and management, various incentives, and other tools to make him as competitive as the best in the world.

Weíll charge you with a Set-up Fee, which takes care of all resources we used up to prepare your staff (recruitment, installation expenses, etc.). If you want this fee waived, you can always hire from our Inventory.

Again, you wonít have to hand out a single dime until your staff starts work!

STEP 5: Reap Profits While We Protect You

Now, all you need to do is wait for profit to rain. Our expert management team will oversee your staff while our highly reliable IT Department will secure your files to make sure they canít be accessed by anyone unless you wished to do so. Youíre in control every step of the way as you can communicate with your staff and everyone at Offshoring through e-mail, live chat, or phone.

STEP 6: Save More, then Expand.

With all the savings and profits youíre going to get from our service, itís wise to invest again and make your business BIGGER and BETTER.

Letís start again from the beginning and chat about your plans.

With OffshoringIT, Itís That Easy!

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